Skin Care Products for Sedona


As Certified PCA SKIN® Professionals we are pleased to offer facial peels and a full line of skin care products from PCA SKIN®.

PCA SKIN® treatments and products are available exclusively through licensed skin health professionals that have been trained and certified by PCA SKIN® in their use. Our Certified and Licensed skincare professionals will  help you achieve the most effective results from PCA SKIN® daily care products and professional treatments.

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Jane Iredale® Skin Care Makeup

Jane Iredale® uses the highest quality ingredients available to ensure satisfaction with performance, coverage, application, and texture. Their minerals conform to the most current technology available that ensures broad spectrum sun protection.  Jane Iredale® attention to quality extends to the the vitamins and anti-oxidants they use which are pharmaceutical grade and certified organic where available.

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Jane Iredale Shimmer Face and Body Lotion

Sedona Vortex Skincare

Our custom line of skincare products is specially formulated for the Southwest climate, with additional special ingredients to help keep mature skin looking and feeling healthy in this desert environment.

Vortex Skincare products are freshly formulated with hand-selected botanicals. All products contain potent antioxidants that combat free radicals, prevent damage, and nourish the skin.

ReStart and ReStart + are formulated with a power peptide complex and supreme antioxidants.

Vortex Skincare oil-free retinol gel, Sedona Spring Peptide Hydrator, and Green Tea Cleanser are all made with pure  Glacier water, organic herbal blends, potent antioxidants, dmae, c-ester, and niacinamide and more.

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