Membership for Sedona MediSpa & Wellness

The SMSW Gold plan Provides You with the Following Benefits not included in your Basic Medial Insurance:

  • The privilege of bypassing the patient care line and getting a same or next business day urgent care appointment with Linda or Eric.  In addition, priority booking for return medical and physical therapy visits.
  • A 50% reimbursement of your Membership dues as a monthly $25 credit towards any MediSpa face or body service including massage, HCG weight loss or facial rejuvenation.
  • A key chain thumb drive formatted with your key medical information, including allergies and other medical sensitivities.  This could save your life in an emergency situation when traveling.
  • There are no “Clinic Fees” with the Gold Plan
  • A 10% discount on all nutritional supplements.
  • A special Gold Club Newsletter that reviews for you the latest developments in anti-aging supplements and guidelines.
  • It costs $600 a year for an individual and $1000 a year for a couple to join (for your convenience, quarterly payments are available for a small finance fee).   We pro-rate the Plan for time left in the current year.  Signing up in September will only cost an individual about $200 for the rest of the year.

We realize the SMSW Gold Membership Plan may not work for everyone.  The standard of award winning medical care remains the same for all our patients, but for non-members, the wait time to see Linda or Eric may be significantly longer.  We are not doing this to be punitive.  We are doing this to practice, as providers, what we teach our patients:  That each of us needs to take self-responsibility for our own physical and financial health.

Why Join the Gold Club?

Most importantly, the Gold Club guarantees you timely medical care at our Clinic when you need it the most.  Think about this in the face of an acute illness or injury.  Think about the cost and time involved with a visit to the ER or Urgent Care where nobody knows you, or your medical history, or has an interest in your long term care . . . versus a same day visit with Linda or Eric.  Factoring in our team of professionals who help you when you’re sick and then are here to guide you toward your health/beauty potential, we trust you see the importance of becoming a Gold Plan Member.