Jane IRedale Mineral Makeup at Sedona MediSpa

Jane Iredale uses the highest quality ingredients available to ensure satisfaction with performance, coverage, application, and texture. Their minerals conform to the most current technology available that ensures broad spectrum sun protection.  Their attention to quality extends to the the vitamins and anti-oxidants they use which are pharmaceutical grade and certified organic where available.

The nature of high quality minerals is to interact with light. This is what gives them their celebrated soft-focus effect. Their line includes a variety of foundations that provide a range of finishes from sheer to full, from luminescent to velvety.

Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup

Customized Skin Care

Our Sedona MediSpa trained clinicians provide customized skin care regimens ideal for individual issues; including, wrinkles, brown spots, rosacea, uneven skin tone or acne. Our clinicians perform  everything from facials to chemical peels to LED light therapy and Microdermabrasion treatments.



Learn how Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup works in in conjunction with fillers and injectables.

We touch you up with Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup after every procedure here at Sedona MediSpa.  We believe in doing everything possible to help our patients combat the signs of aging, and sun damage. To this end, our practice provides the latest in world class preventive and anti-aging skin care, carrying the entire line of Jane Iredale and PCA, two of the finest skin care and make-up lines on the market today.

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