Sedona Medispa Services and Treatment Options
  • Wrinkle Reduction:  Botox, Fillers and other products.
  • Eyebrow Enhancement: SofTap Micro-blading semi-permanent eyebrows.
  • Facial Shape and Volume Restoration: Injectable Fillers including Juvederm, Voluma and other products.
  • Lip Enhancement:  Fillers and Products.
  • Nonsurgical Chin/Neck Reshaping:  Kybella, Skinfinity Radiofrequency.
  • Skin Rejuvenation:  Micro Needling with Hyaluronic Acid, Growth Factors, and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), PCA treatments and other products.
  • Skin Resurfacing:  Customized Peels and Masks.  Micro-dermabrasion, Derma-planing, Micro-Needling, peels, products.
  • Hair Restoration:  Micro-needling and Platelet Rich (PRP) injections.
  • Acne Program:  Peels, Micro-Dermabrasion, Micro-Needling, LED, products.
  • Acne Scarring Resurfacing:  Bellafil, Microdeermabrasion, LED Light Therapy, products.
  • Skin Healing, Photo: LED Light Therapy, Micro-blading and products.
  • Rosacea Program:  LED, Galvanic Stim, Micro-current and products.
  • Corrective Skin Care:  With PCA natural professional skin care products, Jane Iredale Mineral Make Up, So Real Organic Skin Care and Sedona MediSpa’s unique line of special skin care formulated for the mature face in desert climates.